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Your teen may not be that excited about taking a Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course, but we make it fun and engaging! Normal classroom courses have instructors that drone on about traffic laws and statistics in a way that leaves teens bored and disinterested. Instructors usually give out the same old photocopied test material that they have been using for years and often read from a script that is simply taken from their regular adult course.

We do away with all that. Our Florida Teen Driving course is written in a conversational tone that respects the intelligence of our teenaged audience while presenting the required traffic laws and regulations in a way that is accessible to a teen. We get teens interested in the material with videos and interactive multimedia content that will keep them engaged and excited about learning (we swear; it’s possible to get excited about learning traffic laws!).

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In addition, our course emphasizes the very real danger posed by mixing drugs and alcohol with driving. Crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in Florida and the United States, and many of these involve underage intoxication. It’s extremely important to keep your teen educated about the very real danger of driving intoxicated (or with others who are impaired), and our course makes sure to emphasize these issues.

Remember, teens face the greatest risk of crashing during their first year of driving and are less likely than adults to fully understand driving risks because they lack experience. That’s what makes choosing a quality driver education school so important. Register with Florida Teen Driving today and give your teen the best, most engaging Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course available.

You love your teen and want to keep them safe, and at Florida Teen Driving, we want to help keep your teen safe on the road.